A little bit about AWBPhotos….

My passion for photography started in the 35mm film days in my high school days developing my own photos in a dark room filled with other nerds and noxious chemicals. Creativity and chemicals kept me motivated and now many (many) years later, I still enjoy the creativity that photography allows. Thankfully without the chemicals.

After a hiatus, I picked up a digital camera nearly a decade ago, and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. Photography is a passion, and passion is a great thing. AWBPhotos has covered events in literally every State and Territory of this nation, for clients ranging from national level sporting teams, foreign publications, national charities, State Governments, local government and of course every day folks.

We deliver high quality results every time. Since 2009, AWBPhotos has been fortunate enough to be the official photographers for the annual Kidney Kar Rally, a massive logistical and photographic undertaking, each year covering thousands of kilometres providing Kidney Health Australia with coverage of their largest fundraiser.

AWBPhotos works closely with other photographers, including the very talented Matt Mead & Michael Vettas, both outstanding examples of photographers in their own fields. So, if you want high quality results, photographers who will listen to your wishes, and photographers capable of producing results under high pressure, contact AWBPhotos.

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